We will deliver you an ecommerce system that enables you to trade online lowcost with all your customers and suppliers.


Sell directly to your customers on your own ecommerce site, including invoicing and managing your stock and suppliers without having any technical knowledge. Just login and start receiving sales and cash into the bank and processing orders.


We can host the site for you, or it can be self hosted on your own site. We can continue to maintain it, or it can be completely over to you to do you to inhouse.


It can be run for any business in the world, whether the market is local or global.


Products- We will set up your products and services for you.

Products are typically a lot of work to establish on an ecommerce site, but we will set up at least the first 20 for you in our standard pricing.


The system includes inventory control which is updated each time something is sold or brought into stock.


Many variant options exist for slightly different versions of similar products with a very wide range of reporting tools.


Logistics- We will take care of logistics options.

We’ll set up all the logistics options: It doesn’t matter how your customers receive your products, our system can handle any type of method of getting them the product.


Typical examples include:

  • Instore, where they come into your store(s) to collect
  • Courier or post, all the many complex different size and delivery charges options for all over the country by product.
  • Delivery, where you will deliver personally to your customer.
  • Rural Delivery, for customers in rural locations
  • Online, where there’s no physical product
  • International, For overseas customers
  • Special Packaging or delivery, ie gift wrapping, refrigeration, fragile etc

Payment/ Invoicing

There’s any number of ways you might like to establish ways for customers to pay you, we can set them all up.


Typical examples include:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Cash
  • Internet banking/ Bank transfer
  • Cash/ Cash on Delivery
  • On account/ Invoicing
  • Paypal/ Stripe/ 3rd party

Marketing and Promotions

Special Deals, Promotions, Coupons, Referrals Programs, Loyalty Programs, Social Media


We will set these all up, show you how to maximise sales


Search marketing and being found online is also a big component and we will establish all your marketing basics


Stores and Warehouses

Our software will handle multiple suppliers providing for you into multiple warehouses and being sold through multiple stores.


Staff can be set up with different permissions to manage and control stock and distribution.



Customers and regionality

Our software can handle multiple pricing strategies in different locations, with customers speaking different languages and trading in a wide range of currencies and taxes.


We can make your site as global or local as you like and for certain types of people.


Aspects of your site can be made public, or only for certain types of people such as prospects, loyal customers, or any combination.



Performance and security

Our software can be run on your own servers, or on ours, whichever suits you.


We can continue to support you, or we can leave you to manage inhouse, whatever works best for you.



Our software is build for high levels of scalability and performance and traffic and is safe from world’s “ne’er do wells” behind  the Cloudflare system (if hosted by us).


Low cost and high profits

Our cost for transforming your online presence, commercial impact and business efficiency starts at just US$750.


  • Includes at least 20 products initially.
  • Hosting from just US$20 per month
  • Additional maintenance and services available to assist where required, or not if you will handle inhouse or through another provider.